Three LaPoint sisters of Potsdam all born on Dec. 8, different years
Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 5:36 pm


POTSDAM – Judy Hinman of Potsdam has three sisters whose birthdays all fall on Dec. 8.

Her sister Frieda Wells of Potsdam will be 97 years old on Friday.

Sister Barbara Juliana of Melbourne, Fla. will be celebrating her 87th birthday Friday.

And sister Dorothy Teclaw of Valhalla, N.Y. will be 85.

Hinman says she and her sisters were just part of a family of 14 children.

Their parents were Earl and Blanche Monica LaPoint. Earl’s father built the house on Elderkin Street that Earl was born in in 1887, Hinman said. “The house is still there. It’s got the same original siding and the original basement,” she said.

She said she had no explanation how the three girls were born on the same date. “Nobody does,” she said, but she mentioned that their parents’ anniversary was on Feb. 29, “Leap Day.”

Two of the sisters were born in leap years, Frieda in 1920 and Dorothy in in 1932, about nine months after their parents would have celebrated their anniversary.