How to use the new 'hamburger menu' on phones & tablets
Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 10:54 am

Here is how to find the Police Blotter on our new mobile-friendly website

Once you get used to it, we hope you will find the new North Country Now “hamburger menu” on phones and tablets easy to use.

The “hamburger menu” is the three horizontal lines to the right of the North Country Now logo at the top of each page.

To use the “hamburger menu,” think “click, click, click:”

• Click the hamburger menu.

• Click the number to the right of the category you are interested in. For example, click “8” to the right of “News” if you want to read the weather, police blotter or North Country This Week online.

• Click the page you want to read.

When you are finished reading that page, simply click on the “hamburger menu” again.

To view obituaries, click “Obituaries.”

To view help wanted ads, click the “11” to the right of “Classifieds” then click “Jobs.”

To view movie listings, click the “8” to the right of “Entertainment,” then click “Movies.”

Just think “click, click, click.”

The “hamburger menu” includes all pages listed in the blue-and-green tool bar that runs across the top of the page on desktop versions of our site. If you click the number to the right of the category – such as “8” to the right of “News” – you will see a list of all pages in that category.

By contrast, if you click on the name of the category to the left – such as “News,” “Sports,” “Classifieds” or “Entertainment” -- you will only be taken to the main page for that category and you won't see the list of pages.

Before our mobile-friendly site was launched on Nov. 27, viewers on phones or tablets interested in reading obituaries, police blotter, or sports had to:

• Scroll down the home page to find the section they were interested in

• Swip the page to enlarge it

• Click on the story they were interested in.

Now, instead of “scroll, swipe, click,” just “click, click, click.”