Hopkinton supervisor debunks pro-wind turbine sign shared in recent parade
Sunday, August 13, 2017 - 8:50 am

HOPKINTON – Hopkinton Town Supervisor Susan Wood says a banner placed on a float in the Hopkinton-Fort-Jackson parade Aug. 5 that claimed “Windmills = 50% Cut in Land Taxes for Hopkinton” was not based on facts.
“As the Supervisor of the Town of Hopkinton, I have been questioned regarding the recent banner that a community member placed on a float in the fire department parade,” Wood said in a prepared statement.
Avangrid Renewables is planning to build a 40-turbine wind farm on land in Hopkinton and Parishville.
The information regarding this statement came from a conversation with this individual in the town office, she said.
“I was asked if the town received $300,000 for the wind project, would it lower the taxes by 50 percent,” Wood said.
The total revenue for 2017 taxes was approximately $560,000 (which was a 0.68 percent increase over the 2016 budget). Any PILOT agreements would need to be deducted from this amount, according to Wood.
“Based on these figures, it would appear that the amount to be raised by taxes would be reduced to $260,000; thereby giving the impression of a savings, she added.” “I also need to state that it was also mentioned that this would not be sustainable.”
Wood said the conversation was based on “what-if, not facts.”
The town board has not negotiated a PILOT agreement or any figures with the wind developer, Wood said. The local law states that the Town of Hopkinton has opted out of NYS Real Property Tax Law Section 487.