Heuvelton veterinarian vaccinates three dozen horses for EEE at free clinic
Friday, June 29, 2012 - 2:25 pm

Veterinarian Dr. Jack Zeh and veterinary technician Christy Tupper, show Sen. Ritchie the vaccination of one horse.

HEUVELTON --- About three dozen North Country horses gained protection from the deadly eastern equine encephalitis virus during Thursday evening’s no-cost vaccination clinic at the Herschberger family farm in Heuvelton.

Veterinarian Dr. Jack Zeh, who offered his services at no additional charge to horse owners, arranged follow-up visits with over 100 area farmers and horse owners who were unable to bring their horses there.

A second veterinarian is handling requests for as many as 100 additional vaccinations.

“This initiative is helping to spread the word about EEE and its dangers to humans, as well as horses,” said state Senator Patty Ritchie of Heuvelton, sponsor of the clinic.

“Horse owners and families who may never have heard of this disease are now aware of the need to protect themselves and their animals, and that’s the most important result of this event,” Ritchie said.