Heuvelton student placed on probation for truancy receives nursing scholarship
Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 6:54 am

CANTON – A former Heuvelton student who was on probation for truancy is now a nursing student at SUNY Canton with a $1,000 scholarship from a helping agency with a program of alternatives to legal detention.

Taylor teRiele completed her hours of community service as part of a probation requirement and the “determined young lady went from truant teen to nursing student in a matter of months,” said Kathy Geller Myers, spokeswoman for Youth Advocate Programs, based in Harrisburg, Pa.

YAP’s goal, Myers says is to “keep kids out of jail and in the community.”

She said teRiele’s case is an example of the difference that can be made “when the most at risk youth are paired with caring and disciplined advocates who help teens reach their short and long-term goals.”

Taylor needed to complete her community service as condition of graduating from high school, but the difference in getting it done and moving on could have been due in part to the influence of her YAP advocate.

Taylor’s determination to get off probation so impressed YAP’s endowment board, Myers said, that they awarded her $1,000 toward her nursing education.

In the photo above, Dana LaCoss, at right, St. Lawrence County Youth Advocate Programs Director, and Brandi Jones, left, assistant director, present teRiele with $1,000 toward her education.