Griffo says state Senate majority delaying budget
Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 11:44 am

Senator Joseph Griffo is accusing the Democratic leadership of the state Senate of delaying adoption of the state’s long-overdue budget.

Griffo said that he and fellow Senate Republicans have opposed proposals that would increase spending and taxes because New Yorkers can’t afford that kind of spending in this economy.

“There is a philosophy down in Albany that there is nothing a few billion dollars in taxes won’t cure,” Griffo said. “That’s the worst type of action to take, and I will not let up in my opposition to the tax and spend policies that brought New York to fiscal ruin.”

Griffo said he will continue to be ready to vote on the state budget. “I was elected by the people to do this job, in good times and in difficult ones. I am here to represent the people and to fight against proposals that want to dip into their wallets for high-cost social programs we simply can’t afford.”

“I’m in Albany to move this budget process forward by advocating for reductions in spending, with a focus on revamping costly programs like Medicaid,” Griffo said. “For weeks I have been opposing the political infighting that has dragged out the budget process, and I have been calling for action to adopt the budget and put New York State on the right fiscal course for the future. However, it seems that Democratic leaders cannot be bothered to show up and finish the budget. Senate President Malcolm Smith is not here for this special session, which I find a shocking commentary on the priorities of the Democratic Majority Conference. Nothing is more important than getting the job done, but it appears that getting nothing done is their top priority.”