Green Party Congressional candidate Hassig arrested again after denouncing Breast Cancer Awarness Month in Canton
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 2:16 pm

CANTON -- Green Party Congressional candidate Donald Hassig was charged yet again with trespassing Tuesday, this time following a demonstration at the St. Lawrence County Human Services building.

In a press release, Hassig said he danced and offered spoken word to raise awareness that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an "evil lie of evil corporations that used chemicals carelessly."

Hassig said state police and St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Deputies were on scene when he was ticketed.

Hassig said he confronted St. Lawrence County Health Department Director Susan Hathaway and a trooper who entered the building before he was asked to leave.

Hassig said his performance lasted about 45 minutes.

After refusing to leave, Hassig said a trooper issued him an appearance ticket.

"I love dancing and speaking out. I love talking to the police about cancer prevention and freedom of speech. I love standing my ground on my freedom of speech. I even like getting arrested for speaking the Truth and encouraging people to revolt against the bad corporate people and the bad government people," Hassig said in his release.

Hassig was arrested for trespassing at the Parishville town beach in July and at Massena Memorial Hospital last week. The Parishville charge was recently dismissed.