Gov. Cuomo's visit met with protests by gun rights advocates, proponents of more equitable state aid for schools
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 5:42 pm


POTSDAM - Gov. Andrew Cuomo's visit to Clarkson University was met with some protest today, in the form of gun rights advocates and proponents of more equitable state aid to schools.

Mary Jay and Ben Ellison of Norwood stood just off Clarkson University property at an entrance to campus protesting the governor's gun control measures with signs aimed at motorists on U.S. Rt. 11

One sign said in part, “The right to bear arms can not be infringed. Cuomo violated our 2nd Amendment rights!” It prompted occasional horn blasts, which they returned with waves and smiles.

“We're here to support our Second Amendment Rights,” Jay said, adding that she hopes the governor will “see the light.”

And as the governor was about to arrive, a van with a large sign on its side reading, “Governor Cuomo Fair Funding for Schools Now,” entered campus.

“Barring assault weapons is legitimate regulation,” Cuomo said to reporters after his speech. “The government has the responsibility to regulate responsibly,” he said. “Too many lives have been lost.”

The governor did not discuss any new formula for computing aid for public schools, noting that the overall funding for schools is “four percent more this year, and was four percent more last year, and that's a lot of money.”