Gov. Cuomo, Rep. Owens and Sen. Gillibrand show support for President Obama after 'State of the Union' address
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 9:17 am

As President Barack Obama issued his “State of the Union” address Tuesday Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Bill Owens supported his second-term agenda.

Owens, who represents much of the North Country in House of Representatives, said the president’s focus on bi-partisan solutions, creating jobs and immigration reform was on track.

“America faces serious challenges ahead, but no single party claims ownership over every solution,” said Congressman Owens. “I commend the President for keeping the spotlight on jobs and the economy. It is critical that Congress put politics aside and get to work growing the economy, cutting federal spending and addressing broad concerns like immigration, farm policy and the tax code.”

Sen. Gilibrand also favored the President’s call to put politics aside.

“For too long, Congress has let the smallness of its politics keep us from solving our greatest challenges – all at the expense of middle class families and small businesses. I am hopeful that with a fresh start, we can leave the partisan gridlock and gamesmanship behind us, build consensus around the common, core values that unite us, and do our part to help create new jobs,” she said.

Gillibrand said the president’s message reflected the will of the people.

“Tonight, the President called on Congress to act on bipartisan common sense ideas and for the American people to hold us accountable. It is clear the American people are demanding action on a balanced approach to the economy and putting the middle class first. They are demanding action on finally moving forward with common sense legislation to reduce gun violence, create a new accountable immigration system with an earned path to citizenship and a commitment to clean energy. These should not be Democratic or Republican ideas, they are simply the right ideas, and I look forward to working with my colleagues across the aisle in the weeks and months ahead.”

Gov. Cuomo said the president reiterated the same ideas put forth by New York State.

"The vision President Obama presented tonight is one we embrace here in New York. The President laid out an agenda for a vibrant American future, where we work together to bring jobs back from overseas, train our young people to have the skills they need to succeed in the workforce, and ensure those who work long and hard hours can provide for their families. The President from his first day in office has sought to reform our education system to benefit our students, and the vision he put forward tonight continues this effort by calling for all our children to have access to high quality preschool education. I commend his proposal to raise the federal minimum wage, in recognition that the current rate is not enough to earn a living.”

He also commended Obama for his leadership during the hurricane that ravaged southern New York recently.

"Over the past months, New Yorkers have been thankful for the President’s leadership and action in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The federal funding that our Congressional delegation fought so hard for and the President signed into law will be a major help for our state and entire region, and will enable our communities to rebuild smarter and stronger than before. As President Obama begins his second term in office and our nation’s economy begins to get back on track, I look forward to continued collaboration between New York and our federal partners as we work toward finding solutions to the problems we face and building a bright future for our children."

Both Gilibrand and Cuomo favored Obama’s call for gun law reform, but Rep. Owens, who has said he opposes a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines did not comment on the president’s call for reform.