Gas prices continue to drop in much of St. Lawrence County, especially Potsdam; up slightly in Canton
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 7:36 am


Gasoline prices in St. Lawrence County continue to drop, with prices as low as $3.58 per gallon in Potsdam on Monday although prices in Canton inched up a bit.

Wilson Farms at 26 Maple St. in Potsdam had the apparent low price for gasoline in St. Lawrence County.

Gasoline prices in the St. Lawrence County have risen a little from the low price of $3.55 for cash purchases in Canton reported two weeks ago, but are well below the $4.15 state average price reported in April and September, according to

The local prices also remain below the state average of $3.84 per gallon at the beginning of December, but above the December low of $3.70 on Christmas Eve, but have risen a little, to an average of $3.72 reported today.

Prices reported within the county within the last day and a half:

• Massena

The price for BJ's members at St. Lawrence Centre in Massena is $3.64 per gallon.

Mobil at Rt. 37 and Rt. 37C, $3.71

Stewart's Shops Rt. 56 and Rt. 37, $3.73

• Canton

Nice N Easy on Main Street $3.59 per gallon for cash

Stewart's Shops at 115 E. Main St. $3.59, and at their 32 Gouverneur Street store, $3.61.

• Potsdam

Wilson Farms at 26 Maple St. is charging $3.58

Mobil station at 80 Market St., $3.59

Martin's Maple Street Service $3.89.

• Ogdensburg

$3.59 cash price at the two Nice N Easys,

Valero at 1111 Champlain St., $3.59

Sunoco on Canton Street, $3.65

• Gouverneur

Nice N Easy on Main Street, $3.71 for cash

Main Street Mobile and Stewart's Shops, $3.75.

Looking back at 2012, today’s prices are below the state and North Country high of about $4.15 in April and September, and above the state average of about $3.55 reported around July 1.

Source:, part of the national site