Friends, family hope to raise money for teen who had arm severed in Massena Thursday
Monday, April 28, 2014 - 9:29 am

MASSENA -- Friends and family of a Massena teen who had his arm severed Thursday at Viloli's Restaurant are raising money to offset medical costs.

A webpage has been set up on the online fundraising website where people can donate toward the cause.

The page also gives information regarding Brett Bouchard, who had his arm reattached at a Massachusetts hospital Friday.

According to the website, doctors were able to get circulation in Bouchard's arm using veins and arteries in his right leg.

"The surgeons say there is a 30 percent chance that he could still lose circulation in the arm and at that point it would have to be amputated again. At this time Brett has been kept asleep on a ventilator to give the new veins and arteries a chance to heal. Any movement could disrupt the flow of blood," the page says.

If the reattachment is successful, Bouchard will require reconstructive surgeries.

If it is not successful he is still looking at multiple surgeries for other reasons.

To donate or read more about Bouchard's condition visit:

More information regarding the accident can be found at