Frederic Remington Art Museum selects elementary drawing contest winners
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:04 pm

Second place winner Charlie Morley

OGDENSBURG -- The Frederic Remington Art Museum has selected the winners of the elementary drawing contest.

The contest was open to kids in grades kindergarten through sixth grade in the Ogdensburg area.

The artwork will be on display at the museum through June 16.

Souvenirs were given to all participants and a first, second and third place prizes were given for each grade level.

Ogdensburg residents are eligible for free admission.

For more information contact the museum at [email protected] or Stephanie at 393-2425.

The winners included:

Five year olds:

• First place: Wyatt Abar

• Second place: Charlie Morley

• Third place: Alexa Gidney

Six year olds:

• First place: Darien Sellers

• Second place: Ashley Weston

• Third place: Nicholi Ramsdell

Seven year olds:

• Second place: Llydia Blaine

• Third place: Macy Murdock

Eight year olds:

• First place: Jessica Lorraine Harman

• Second place: Paige Bertram

Nine year olds:

• First place: Kiara Chase

• Second place: Hannah Powers

• Third place: Olivia Berghaus

10 year olds:

• First place: Emily Gardner

• Second place: Gabrielle Morley

• Third place: Henry Youngs

11 year olds:

• First place: Anastasia Charlton

• Second place: Robert St. Andrews

• Third place: Michaela Powers

12 year olds:

• First place: Samantha Flynn

• Second place: Michelena Price

• Third place: Zach Roberts

13 year olds:

• First place: Broc Morely