Former Potsdam resident spots classmate's name on Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall in California
Monday, November 12, 2012 - 11:46 am

Former Potsdam man Peter Gilligan points to the name of Steve Riggs on the Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall. Gilligan and Riggs played hockey together at Potsdam High School.

POTSDAM -- A family in Sonoma California remembered Potsdam's Steve Riggs, who died in Vietnam, as they honored veteran's over the weekend.

The family of former Potsdam man Peter Gilligan, visited the Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall this weekend in celebration of Veteran's Day.

At the memorial, Gilligan came across the name of an old friend.

Tara Gilligan said she wanted to share that connection through a photo of her father that was captured while visiting the wall.

"I wanted to forward this photo linking the people of Potsdam across the miles to Sonoma, California," she said. "This photo was taken on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 in Sonoma by our mother, Sharon Gilligan. It shows my father, pointing to the name of Steve Riggs on the moving Vietnam Wall memorial. My father and Mr. Riggs played hockey together at Potsdam High."

Although her family resides in Sonoma, Tara said her family follows the online new in St. Lawrence County and feels a close connection to the area.

"My father, Peter Gilligan, who grew up in Potsdam, often forwards your news to us, his three children," said Gilligan.

"We three also feel like we grew up there too, as we visited our grandparents often, especially during summers."