Former ADA to seek Ogdensburg city justice seat
Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 5:32 pm


OGDENSBURG -- Former Chief Assistant District Attorney Keith Massey Jr. is seeking the Ogdensburg city court judge position.

Judge William Small will retire in January having reached age 70 as required by state law.

Announcing candidacy for city court judge.

Massey has been practicing law in St. Lawrence County for about two years, but has more than 14 years experience. He has served both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney over the years.

Massey says if he is elected, he will work to ensure that he is available for arraignments. He said he will also work to make sure cases are moved expeditiously though courts. He said the accused and the people have right to speedy trial and he wants to ensure those legal obligations are met.

“The judge has a role in this. The judge isn’t driving the plea negotiation bus, but ultimately once the time for motions and discovery has expired, its up to the judge to make sure things proceed in a timely manner.”

Massey says he also recognizes Ogdensburg has a high instances of illegal drug cases. He said he believes in the drug court and says he will work to ensure those who need help with recovery services are getting it and those who are committing crimes are brought to justice.