Fidelis Care employees work to bring health insurance coverage to St. Lawrence County's underserved
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 6:44 am



Kimberly Free, left, and Brittany Matice

OGDENSBURG – Fidelis Care has employees from St. Lawrence County working to get health insurance coverage for St. Lawrence County neighbors.

Fidelis, which bills itself as “the New York State Catholic Health Plan,” offers free or low-cost coverage through New York State’s plans such as Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, and Medicaid managed care programs.

Brittany Matice, a Fidelis Care salesperson, who lives in Gouverneur. was at one time uninsured herself, so she has insight into the struggles many residents are facing.

“I was a stay-at-home mom before joining Fidelis Care,” said Matice. “My children and I didn’t have insurance. Like any parent, I prayed they didn’t get sick because I didn’t know how I would pay to see a doctor. Fortunately, I was able to enroll my children in Child Health Plus. Even if I didn’t have insurance for myself, I didn’t have to worry about my children getting sick. I joined Fidelis Care to help families in similar situations.”

Prior to joining Fidelis Care’s sales staff, Kimberly Free was director of the Ogdensburg Neighborhood Center.

“Having lived in Ogdensburg my entire life, I am pretty well known by my neighbors and local community groups,” said Free. “They see us in the community, at the hospitals, food pantries, and community centers. We’re neighbors helping neighbors, willing to make the extra effort to ensure that people have access to the care and services they need.”

More info is available by calling (888) 343-3547.