Extra incentives available at Potsdam, Massena, Canton farmers’ markets for SNAP/EBT recipients
Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 6:04 am

Five dollars of SNAP/EBT benefits now have $9 of purchasing power at area farmers' markets this season.

Thanks to the Farmers Market Federation, SNAP/EBT users can extend their benefits to buy even more locally produced foods, according to Laura Popielski, program manager of the St. Lawrence County organization GardenShare.

For every $5 of SNAP/EBT, shoppers will receive an additional $2 check to spend at the market. The number of checks that can be received in a day is unlimited. On top of these new checks, CNY Health Bucks have been available at markets since early July. Just like Fresh Connect Checks, shoppers receive a free $2 check for every $5 used on their EBT card. CNY Health Bucks do have a cutoff, however; a shopper can only receive four checks per day.

These incentives are distributed and redeemable at Potsdam, Canton and Massena markets, which are open until late fall.

SNAP/EBT benefits and debit cards are accepted at the following markets throughout St. Lawrence County: Canton, Gouverneur, Massena, Ogdensburg, Potsdam, at Martin's Roadside Stand on 11B in Potsdam and the Whitten Family Farm Mobile Market. For more details on market days and times, see gardenshare.org.

"Buying fresh, local produce is the best addition to your dinner table. It shows you care for your family and your community," said Popielski.