Effect on Massena plant not yet known as Alcoa to cut production 12 % worldwide
Friday, January 6, 2012 - 11:42 am

MASSENA -- Falling aluminum prices have prompted Alcoa to cut production worldwide by 12 percent, but there is no word yet of any effect on Massena operations.

“The company is taking action in response to changing market conditions and the challenges we are facing as a business in 2012,” said Laurie Marr, spokesperson for Alcoa in Massena.

“While I can't say at this point if this announcement will affect our plant, we continue to focus on being the safest, lowest-cost aluminum producer,” Marr said.

Meanwhile, Marr said, “Engineering and design work continues on the Massena Modernization Project and our deadline for presenting the project to the Alcoa Board of Directors is still March, 2013.”

In a statement published on BuisnessWire.com, headquarters said it is permanently closing a plant in Tennessee, and idling two of six potlines at a Texas plant, but the company says those moves will only reduce production by seven percent.

Steps to cut the remaining five percent will be announced in the near future, perhaps at a meeting scheduled by the company Monday.

“These are difficult but necessary steps to improve Alcoa’s competitiveness, preserve and grow shareholder value and protect jobs in the rest of the Alcoa system,” said Alcoa Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld.

Kleinfeld said Alcoa will work with all affected communities to explore ways to redevelop closed facilities and will consult with employees and unions and councils impacted by curtailments, the BusinessWire report said.

“We recognize our responsibility to the people and communities of the affected facilities,” he said.

The curtailment program is expected to be complete in the first half of the year.