Drivers in Ogdensburg no longer able to turn right on red at two intersections
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 5:31 pm


OGDENSBURG -- City residents will no longer be able to turn right on red at two State Street intersections.

At a meeting Monday, city councilors voted unanimously to create three-way stops at Ford and State streets and Washington and State streets.

Councilor Dan Skamperle was not present.

The vote followed a brief public hearing where several Ogdensburg residents complained about the dangers the current situation posed to senior citizens. All of the speakers supported the traffic changes, but called for additional measures including a reduced speed limit on the Twin Bridges.

Wilma Nelson, a resident of the Washington Street towers, said she and other seniors faced dangers on a daily basis.

“People are coming out of there like a bat out of you know where,” she said. “There are close calls on a daily basis. These people do not care.”

Resident Sandy Sanders said a woman was killed on State Street in recent years and that changes are needed before the problem repeats itself.

“A woman lost her life. That light needs to be changed one way or another,” she said.

Sanders said it is common for people to speed on State Street as well as Washington. She also complained of teenagers who partied in the nearby parking lots and often squeal their tires or rev their motorcycles.

“They are drag racing on Washington Street,” she said.

Sanders said they often call the police, but feel they aren’t always taken seriously. She asked if patrols in the area could be increased, hopeful that police presence would deter the criminal behavior.

Although all present members of the council favored the resolution, Deputy Mayor Mike Morley was concerned about changing the traffic flow.

“I’ll support this, but I think we are going to slow traffic down,” he said.

City Manager John Pinkerton will be contacting Department of Transportation officials about implementing the change, but an effective date was not given.