Department of Public Works verbally agrees to help fix 'decades old' sewer problems for Massena Fire Department
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 5:53 am


MASSENA -- The Massena Fire Department may soon get some ages-old sewer issues fixed, if the verbal agreement they struck on Tuesday with the Department of Public Works pans out.

Trustee Francis Carvel, who sits on the fire committee and Fire Chief Ted Krywanczyk each asked the Board of Trustees to do something to assist them with leaking pipes.

Although the board didn’t pass an official motion, Mayor James Hidy told Krywanczyk the DPW would see what they can do.

“[Public Works Superintendent Hassan Fayad]’s going to work with you,” Hidy told the fire chief.

Carvel and Krywanczyk both agreed that since the fire station is at the center of Massena’s disaster plan, it needs to be kept in tip-top shape.

“It’s the command center for any disaster … that should happen in the village,” Carvel said.

“Another disaster could hit this village at any time,” Krywanczyk said, adding that the plumbing issue could prevent them from using the kitchen, which would be needed to prepare food, should a disaster hit. It served that purpose during the ice storm of 1998.

The only problem with fixing the pipes right now is no one knows exactly what’s wrong or how much it will cost.

“Nobody knows for sure … where everything goes,” Carvel said, adding that the building is old and has never had its lines tested.

“The sewer problem has been there for decades,” Krywanczyk said. “The decision is always … to leave it as is.”