DeKalb man accused of SLU ATM theft last November found not guilty
Friday, October 18, 2013 - 11:56 am

CANTON -- A Dekalb man was found not guilty of stealing an ATM from the St. Lawrence University bookstore in Canton last November.

Joseph Lugo, 24, and co-defendant, Crandall of Canton, 22, were accused of stealing a 265-pound ATM from Brewer Bookstore and taking more than $35,000 from the machine before ditching it in a swamp.

Police recovered only $18,000 of the stolen money.

Crandall received probation for the crime in a plea deal and testified against Lugo, who had eluded police for months before being picked up in Louisiana.

Lugo was extradited on the charges and pled not guilty.

Mary Rain, who defended Lugo in the trial, said the witnesses brought fourth by the prosecution were unreliable.