DeKalb incumbent seeks third term on St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators
Monday, May 5, 2014 - 9:11 am

 St. Lawrence County Legislator Fred Morrill, a Democrat, will seek a third term representing the towns of Hermon, DeKalb, Clifton, Fine and Russell.

He faces opposition from Republican and former DeKalb Town Supervisor Larry Denesha.

Morrill, who also chairs the county’s finance committee, said his accomplishments include the creation of a 5-year financial plan for the County that “enabled us to use a sales tax increase to decrease property taxes.”

In a press release, Morrill said the county foreclosing upon and taking ownership of the J & L property in the town of Clifton will be good for the North Country. He said county ownership will allow opportunities for cleanup and redevelopment of the industrial site in the Adirondack Park.

Morrill said during his time on the board, the county has ensured “a secure future for the St. Lawrence County Solid Waste department.”

He said upgraded equipment and increased tonnage delivered to the transfer stations “ensures that solid waste workers can now count on a secure future, and the county will continue to control tipping fees.”

Morrill said it also helps to ensure that the Star lake transfer station remains open and able to accept trash and recyclables from Southern St. Lawrence County residents.

Looking ahead, Morrill said he supports the proposed I-98 project.

He said the future includes annual 5-year plan updates and a continued search for shared service opportunities in an effort to keep property taxes as low as possible.

“Working to improve the criminal justice system in St. Lawrence County is one of my priorities. We have a drug problem in St. Lawrence County. Improving our criminal justice system is critically important for our safety and security,” he said. “An efficient and effective criminal justice system will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars because there will be less people waiting in jail or on probation supervision waiting for their day in court.”

Morrill said the county recently had its “negative” outlook dropped from its credit report.

He said it is a testament to our successful efforts to sure up county finances. Over the past 4 years we have reduced spending by a careful reduction in the county workforce from 980 to 850. He said the 2014 budget calls for a reduction in spending from the modified 2013 budget.

“We are working to improve the fund balance by encouraging good management practices. I pledge to do everything I can to prevent raising taxes for the sole purpose of building a big savings account in Canton,” he said. “We used fund balance to keep taxes as low as possible, we will work to keep those taxes as low as possible. The removing of the “negative” outlook provides encouragement to us to continue to improve the County’s financial future.”