DEC reinstates 24-hour patrols to protect walleye spawning run in Rossie
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 6:23 am

ROSSIE -- The state Department of Environmental Conservation has reinstated 24-hour patrols to protect the walleye spawning run in Rossie.

Members of the Black Lake Fish and Game Club and area anglers spent years working to restore the spawning run, and helped make Black Lake and the area one of America’s top fishing destinations.

The patrols had been eliminated as a cost-saver, but state Sen. Patty Ritchie worked to have them resumed.

“When I first learned from North Country sportsmen that the patrols had been removed due to budget cuts, I sprang into action, and won a commitment from the state DEC to restore protection during the crucial two-week spawn,” Senator Ritchie said. “I am pleased that the DEC has kept its word.

“Black Lake, the Oswegatchie and Indian Rivers are major destinations for anglers,” Senator Ritchie said. “A lot of small businesses depend on that natural resource. Too many people worked too hard for too many years to let poachers destroy what we have.”

“Hammond, Morristown, Macomb and Rossie’s tourist economy depends on the fishing we have in our lakes and rivers,” Ritchie said. “I feel it’s vital to have New York State work with our sportsmen and listen to their concerns so we can protect our natural resources.

“I’m very glad that we were able to protect Rossie’s spawning bed for future generations.”

Agove, State Sen. Patty Ritchie, center, speaks with retired Environmental Conservation Lt. Larry Kring, left, and Environmental Conservation Officer Michael Sherry about the Rossie spawn, which is critical to the ecosystem of the Oswegatchie River, Black Lake and Indian River water systems.