DEC to post warning signs at boat launches in St. Lawrence County about aquatic invasive species
Monday, August 18, 2014 - 6:03 am

Both houses of the state Legislature recently passed a measure directing the Department of Environmental Conservation to post signs at boat launches throughout the state, including St. Lawrence County, warning of aquatic invasive species.

It had support from Sen. Betty Little, who represents the 45th Senate district, which includes the very eastern portion of St. Lawrence County, going from Parishville to Piercefield.

Aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels, Asian clams and hydrilla, pose a serious threat to the ecosystems and economies of the communities around bodies of water, Little said.

Aquatic invasive species management can be costly, Little said, so the best defense is to educate boaters on how to not spread them.

“The importance of public education cannot be overstated in the fight against aquatic invasive species,” Little said in a prepared statement. “Key to that effort is a consistent message, both in terms of what the threat is and what steps boaters should take to protect our waterways. Posting signs that are informative and convey to boaters their responsibility will help prevent the spread of invasives and save tax dollars in the long run.”