DEC officials warning St. Lawrence County ice anglers to handle baitfish properly
Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 6:14 pm

With ice fishing season well underway in St. Lawrence County, Department of Conservation officials are reminding anglers to take the following steps when using baitfish while ice fishing:

· Follow the bait fish regulations to prevent the spread of harmful fish diseases and invasive species.

· Use only certified disease-free bait fish purchased at a local tackle store, or use only personally collected bait fish for use in the same water body in which they were caught.

· Do not reuse baitfish in another water-body if you have replaced the water they were purchased in.

· Dump unused baitfish and water in an appropriate location on dry land.

Anglers looking for a good place to ice fish should check out DEC’s Public Lakes and Ponds map at This interactive map provides recommendations on waters open to ice fishing provided by DEC staff.