DEC back processing sporting licenses with newly installed system
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 6:04 am

The state Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) new computerized sporting licensing system is back in operation, allowing sportsmen and sportswomen to conduct license transactions once again.

Moving hunter, angler and trapper data to the new system required a temporary shutdown for sales of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses, recreational marine fishing registrations and harvest game reporting.

The data transfer is now done and people can resume normal transactions and reporting on the new system.

Those who were unable to report harvest data during the temporary shutdown were given a grace period for reporting of this data. With the system now operational, all harvest data that has not been reported must be submitted by Jan. 20.

Hunters, anglers, and trappers are able to purchase sporting licenses, stamps and permits at one of the nearly 1,500 locations across New York State including municipal clerks’ offices; (866) 933-2257); or