Cuomo's proposed budget favors North Country’s needs, says former St. Lawrence County board chair
Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 11:56 am

Former St. Lawrence County Legislator Chairwoman Sallie Brothers says Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget announced Tuesday is fiscally responsible and fair.

In a letter sent to North Country Now, Brothers said she is supportive of Cuomo's Regional Economic Development program that has allowed the North Country to fund several projects since it's inception.

"He is focused on all of New York State and very concerned about upstate New York," she said. "His Regional Economic conferences have provided a competitive opportunity for Northern New York to shine."

Brothers said his proposal to increase minimum wage will also be a boon for employees trying to survive in an economy riddled with high fuel, food and energy costs.

"The number of people living in this county on minimum wage when gasoline, fuel for their homes and food costs have risen at an incredible rate need this help," she said. "I would rather pay more for a service or product from our local small businesses than see so many of our fellow citizens trying to eke out a living on sub-standard incomes."

Brothers said his efforts to reduce government employee pension costs will allow schools and municipalities to save money by locking in to long-term, stable rate pension contributions.

"With his Tier VI program, and a provision in his budget for a Stable Rate Pension Contribution Option, he has opened a door for local governments and school districts to begin to immediately obtain savings," she said.

Brother said she expected the Cuomo to present a fiscally responsible budget and was not disappointed.

"Governor Cuomo has recognized in this budget and in his previous ones that we need to be fiscally responsible without abdicating our responsibility to our people and their needs and their rights," she said.