Cranberry Lake authors of Ogdensburg treasure tale listed on regional best-seller parade
Monday, June 9, 2014 - 9:02 am



"Adirondack Treasure - Isle Royale" by Michael J. Doyle, left and Matthew J. Glavin is now on its publisher's regional best seller list.

CRANBERRY LAKE -- A novel about buried treasure near Ogdensburg co-authored by two Cranberry Lake residents has is now listed on a regional best-seller list.

"Adirondack Treasure - Isle Royale" by Matthew J. Glavin and Michael J. Dolan is included on Utica-based North Country Books' regional best seller list for upstate New York.

“It’s very gratifying to see this kind of response from readers,” Dolan said in a news release. “I think we all have fantasized about figuring our puzzles and riddles to find a legendary treasure.”

The book features a legendary treasure buried on an island in the St. Lawrence River during the French and Indian War. The island, known today as Chimney Island, was the site of a French fort (Fort Lévis) and was the location of the final battle of the war on what was to become American soil. The island is 3 miles downstream from Ogdensburg.

The story also features Middle Eastern terrorists working with North Korea and planning on releasing a missile with a super-EMP (electromagnetic pulse) warhead from a ship in the St. Lawrence River. The treasure hunters become entangled in the terrorists’ plot.

Glavin penned the series' first installment of the "Adirondack Treasure" series, "The Bonaparte Legacy." Dolan is retired from the New York State Police and is chief of the Cranberry Lake Fire Department.

Readers can follow the writing of the third book in the series, "The Noble Hermit," on the Adirondack Treasure Books Facebook page. "Isle Royale" is available from, Barnes and Noble, Kinney Drugs and local booksellers.