County Stop-DWI reminds motorists of stiff penalties for drunk driving with children when 'Leandra's Law' starts Sunday
Thursday, August 12, 2010 - 11:37 am

St. Lawrence County STOP DWI wants to make sure people know that on Sunday, one provision of a strict new law concerning driving while intoxicated and having children in the car at the time goes into effect.

"Leandra's Law" was formulated by the state Legislature to provide stiff penalties for people convicted of DWI while there is someone under 16 is in the vehicle. That provision is already in effect.

The new provision starting Sunday would require drivers convicted under the law to buy and install an interlock device in their vehicles that keeps the car from starting if the driver, blowing into a receiver, reveals a blood alcohol level of .025 percent or higher.

Details and a discussion of the law are on a web page from SafeNY at