Colton, DeKalb, Parishville only St. Lawrence County towns planning primaries in September
Saturday, August 9, 2014 - 6:08 pm

CANTON -- On Sept. 9 St. Lawrence County’s registered Democrats, Conservatives and Republicans will choose their candidates for November’s elections.

Only three St. Lawrence County towns have contested primaries – Colton, DeKalb and Parishville.

In Colton Democrats will choose two St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee candidates from a pool of four.

Running for the Democratic nod in Colton are Roger J. Dusharm, Dennis E. Eickhoff, Mary F. McKinley and Daniel C. McNamara.

In DeKalb Republicans will choose to endorse Donald C. Brown or Alan L. Garrand in the race for highway superintendent.

Parishville Republicans will decide whether to run Brian T. Gary or Donald E. Tebo Jr. for a town council position.

St. Lawrence County Democrats will help decide candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. Running for governor are Andrew M. Cuomo. Zephyr R. Teachout and Randy A. Credico. Kathy C. Hochul and Timothy Wu are competing for lieutenant Governor.

Republicans in St. Lawrence County will choose candidates for the 115th and 116th Assembly Districts.

Running for the 115th Assembly district, which includes Brasher, Hopkinton, Lawrence and Piercefield are Janet L. Duprey and Karen Bisso.

Running for the 116th district are John S. Humphrey and John L. Byrne III. Although not a Republican party candidate, Russell Finley filed a petition to ballot, which allows registered Republican’s to write in candidates. The 116th Assembly District is currently held by Democrat Addie Russell.

The district includes Canton, Ogdensburg, Massena, Potsdam, Lisbon Morristown, Depeyster, Hammond, Louisville, Oswegatchie, Rossie and Waddington.

Conservatives will also choose a candidate for the 116th district. Russell Finely is the only candidate on the ballot, but Conservative voters may also write-in candidates.

In order to vote in the primaries, party members must have registration forms postmarked by midnight, Aug. 15 and received by a board of elections no later than August 20.

The voter registration form can be downloaded Residents who have moved to a new county must re-register from their new address.

Those who are currently registered and have moved to a new address in the same county should notify their county board of elections in writing of their move no later than August 20.

Anyone unsure of their registration, or wish to verify their current address, may look-up their status at

New Yorkers wanting to register in-person may do so at their county boards of elections and at many state agency offices throughout the state, but must do so no later than Aug. 15.