Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center recognized for patient satisfaction
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 9:05 am

OGDENSBURG -- National Research Corporation (NRC) has selected Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center as a recipient of its 2012 Path to Excellence award for their performance over the last four quarters.

The award is given to clients that are ranked by patients as being a top performer.

Claxton-Hepburn was selected to receive NRC Picker’s Path to Excellence award for Patient-Centered Care Champion in the category of Continuity and Transition.

This category is based on survey questions patients were asked regarding the transition from the hospital to home. Claxton-Hepburn’s patients indicated that these needs were addressed which in turn identified Claxton-Hepburn as a top performer among other NRC participants.

Roxanne Slate, (shown in photo) PI data and core measure coordinator at Claxton-Hepburn was on hand this past September at NRC Picker’s 18th Annual Symposium in Chicago to receive the award on Claxton-Hepburn’s behalf.

“By partnering with National Research and utilizing its measurement and quality improvement solutions, we have been able to make immediate adjustments to our care processes to delight patients, satisfy their needs, and maintain their trust,” said Peppy McBride, director of performance improvement at Claxton-Hepburn. “This rapid improvement has a multiplying effect, as it creates a strong referral network and puts Claxton-Hepburn top of mind the next time these satisfied patients seek medical treatment.” Henricks added,