Clarkson University rated high in graduate's salaries
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 2:46 pm

The web site Business Insider has ranked Clarkson University in the top ten on its list of the most underrated colleges in the United States, in terms of pay some graduates get.

The listing, at, cites Clarkson's engineering programs in particular.

"Clarkson ranks #11 on PayScale's College Salary Report among engineering programs with the highest salary potential. The small private school produces the highest percentage of graduates with internship experience, who then go on to earn a lot of money in various engineering fields. Graduates earn a very high average mid-career salary of $102,000," the listing said.

"Our distinction as the school with the highest percentage of graduates with internship experience and our high mid-career salary average for alumni factored into the ranking," a news release from Clarkson said.