Ogdensburg leases food cart lot in Greenbelt for $50; still lacks operator for Dobisky Center concessions
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 9:05 am


OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg will lease an asphalt slab in the Greenbelt to Scott Strader for $50 per month.

At a Monday meeting, city council unanimously agreed to lease the lot to Strader who has used the slab to operate a concession stand.

The lease allows Strader to operate the stand through Sept. 15. For the past several years Strader operated his stand without an official lease. The $50 fee does not include utilities, electricity or other city services, which are calculated separately.

City Manager John Pinkerton said he wanted to establish an agreement to ensure the city was not providing a free service. He was concerned that Strader had not been charged for using the small parcel next to the skate park in the past.

City councilor William Hosmer asked if the slab rental had been put out to bid or offered only to Strader.

Pinkerton said the city did not seek bids.

Hosmer said he was concerned that Strader had been offered the lease without a bidding process, which is typically how the city would handle a lease. He was concerned it was unfair to other residents who may be interested in the lot.

Despite his hesitation, council did not push the bidding process and passed the agreement unanimously.

Pinkerton said the lease would be for this summer, after which the city could bid out the asphalt slab.

It was also noted that the city has not yet found anyone interested in operating the concession stand in the Dobisky Center.

Council members discussed seeking interest from fraternal organizations, community groups or others interested in using the stand for fundraisers, but took no action.

Hosmer questioned whether the equipment might be more effective in the Lockwood Arena, where youth hockey and other events take place in the winter. Pinkerton said he would look into it.