Ogdensburg begins assessing flood damage to Maple City Trail; section near Oswegatchie River remains closed
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 2:39 pm

OGDENSBURG -- City officials are hoping to have an estimate on the flood damage to the Maple City Trail soon.

Interim Director of Public Works Gregg Harland took aerial pictures of the damage from a helicopter as part of the assessment.

City Manager John Pinkerton said conduit that houses electrical lines for the trail’s lights is now exposed and erosion has washed a way large sections of land.

Councilor William Hosmer said portions of the pavement are barely held together as the ground beneath them has eroded.

“I wouldn’t stand on it,” he said.

Councilor Dan Skamperle asked if a section of the trail near the water would be opened for walleye fisherman next week. Pinkerton said it wouldn’t be possible as the erosion has made the trail unstable and created a safety hazard.

He said anyone down there will be ticketed.

The damage was sustained from the recent flooding and was much worse than officials had thought.

Pinkerton said the city is meeting with engineers from Tisdel Associates, an Ogdensburg engineering firm, to determine the damage.

Pinkerton said the estimate will be submitted to the county, which is currently compiling count-wide damage estimates to determine if the state or federal government will issue emergency relief funding.

Flooding was reported throughout the county as St. Lawrence County saw a quick warm up and rainy weather in early April. The event caused road closures and damage to bridges as well as property damage to homes and camps located near the county’s rivers.

Pinkerton said he hopes to have some numbers soon.