Canton voters approve $450,000 capital project to build restrooms and concession stand at State Street athletics complex
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 8:39 am

CANTON -- Voters in the Canton Central School District approved a $450,000 capital project to construct two buildings that would include restrooms and a concession stand at their State Street athletics complex.

The vote was 235 to 82 in favor of the project.

New sports fields were constructed this past year, but funding for restrooms and a concession stand were “not in the original budget at the time,” Gregory said. Because restrooms and concession stands at athletic fields are not eligible for state aid, the burden for the total cost falls on local taxpayers.

Currently there are only port-a-potties at the field.

Two sets of restrooms are needed due to the sheer size of the complex, to accommodate the handicapped and those with special needs, Canton Central said in a prepared statement.

The statement said that “having food and drinks available for purchase during fames, practices and tournaments will meet an identified consumer demand, and at the same time provide valuable income to the non-profit school and community organizations approve to use the facility.

If approved, design, review and project bidding would take place from Oct. through April 2018 with construction set to begin in May of next year.