Canton Village wins $5,000 grant to plant trees
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 6:28 am

CANTON -- Canton Village has been awarded a $5,000 Scott Naturals Award for urban forestry.

The funding is to be used to help the village in its ongoing tree planting effort, including locations along Main Street that may need additional trees following replanting by the state Department of Transportation.

The aim of the grant is to enhance the village appearance and climate with year-round natural beauty, clean air and summer shade, and food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. The $5,000 grant is a portion of a $50,000 award presented to New York State to support local efforts.

Partners in the project are the NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee, the St. Lawrence River Watershed Project (SLRwP) and the Canton Tree Committee.

In partnership with the Canton Tree Committee, the “green ambassadors,” the St. Lawrence County Conservation District will purchase trees and watering equipment to help restore the tree canopy of the village and surrounding area. Canton Village DPW will plant the trees.

The Canton Tree Committee is a small group of volunteers that works with the village government, public highway and transportation departments, and private property owners to promote proper tree planting and maintenance. The committee usually holds monthly meetings at which tree planting and maintenance projects are discussed and decided.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the committee may call 386-4700, extension 2.

SLRwP is a recently formed group with a mission to encourage watershed partnerships and the implementation of conservation projects that promote, enhance and protect natural resources and water quality.

It is composed of Soil and Water Conservation Districts from eight counties.

The Soil and Water Conservation District of St. Lawrence County was established by the County Board of Supervisors on June 11, 1957 in response to landowners’ needs and interest in soil and water conservation programs.