Canton town board mulls fixing Pyrites canoe launch following damage from flooding and erosion
Monday, June 19, 2017 - 6:05 am


CANTON -- High water damage, flooding and erosion at the Pyrites canoe launch has “blown out” previous repairs at the site and has town board members mulling another fix.

Councilman Phil LaMarche reviewed the site plan from the previous repair and cell phone photos of the recent damage with the board at their Wednesday meeting.

“The (last) fix was to create more substantial drainage,” said LaMarche. However, the gravel base that was used during the repair was washed away recently. LaMarche said repairs at the site have run the town about $13,000 so far, for two attempts to fix the issue which is causing water to pool there and trail washouts.

The board discussed whether the issue was the original engineering design or the implementation of the design, and whether to pipe or tile drainage through the site to deal with the high level of water which has been flooding the site.

Councilman Jim Smith said he would like engineers to develop a design and direct town workers to do the labor instead of having an outside contractor handle the whole project.

The board directed town supervisor David Button and LaMarche to develop a request for proposals and circulate it to area contractors who could take on the project.