Canton town assessor to attend education session to learn more about large-scale solar farms
Monday, July 17, 2017 - 6:00 am


CANTON -- Town assessor Steve Teele here announced to the town board at their meeting Wednesday night that he would attend an education session in Ithaca this week, July 16-19, for continuing education on large-scale solar farms.

Teele said the education may be applicable to a solar farm planned in Canton.

The village and town have contracted with California-based Tesla Energy, formerly called Solar City, to construct and then maintain an almost one megawatt solar farm at the old drive-in property.

The 16-acre site is about a mile south of Main Street off Route 11.

The array there will be interconnected with National Grid, feeding that company’s consumer power needs, but is expected to save the village about $2 million over the next 20 years on its power bills through offsets based on the power it will sell to the commercial provider.