Canton school district residents to be asked to vote on concession stand and restrooms not to exceed $450,000
Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 11:40 am

This computer-generated image shows the concession stand side of the proposed capital project.

CATNON -- On Wednesday, school district voters will be asked to cast votes on the proposed capital project to construct both a set of rest rooms and a combination rest rooms/concession stand at the school’s State Street athletics complex, popularly known as the Pee Wee fields.

Voting will be noon to 8 p.m. in the Canton High School Library.

"In addition to school athletes, anyone who has attended a game or has had a child among the hundreds of children that participate in any of the many youth sports activities that occur every spring, summer, and fall at the fields are painfully aware of the need for permanent rest rooms at the site. If approved, this project will fix that problem," a newsletter from the district reads.

The vote will take place in the High School Library from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

This cost of the construction of the two buildings cannot exceed $450,000, and will be paid for using school reserve funds and "a substantial donation" to the school from the Pee Wee Association. Taxes will not be increased to pay for the project, the newsletter says.This computer-generated image shows where the restrooms would be.

This was not included in the recent $10 million capital project.

"Because rest rooms and concession stands at athletic fields are not eligible for state aid, the burden for the total cost for such construction falls on local taxpayers. An additional $450,000 added to the $10 million project voted on in 2015 would have translated to an additional increase in taxes of nearly 5 percent. The District did not have the reserves to offset the additional cost at that time, but is now able to underwrite the project in combination with community donations made through the Pee Wee Association, without an increase in taxes," the newsletter reads.

The district requested two estimates from qualified firms. The first came in at just under $440,000 for a rest rooms/concession facility only. The second estimate of $450,000 included not only the combined rest rooms and concession facility, but a second set of rest rooms as well, according to the newsletter.

"Two sets of rest rooms are needed given the sheer size of the complex, and to accommodate the handicapped and those with special needs," school officials said. "Having food and drinks available for purchase during games, practices, and/or tournaments will meet an identified consumer demand, and at the same time provide valuable income to the non-profit school and community organizations approved to use the facility."

Those seeking more details can visit the school’s website at, or email the district clerk at [email protected]