Canton-Potsdam Hospital unveils ‘SimMan’ and training center
Friday, October 19, 2012 - 6:45 am

CPH’s Director of Respiratory Care Services Dennis Maid, left, looks on as Director of Behavioral Health Services Adam Bullock, center, listens to the SimMan’s “heart.” Nan Rutledge, right, explained the mannequin’s many features at a recent open house.

POTSDAM -- Canton-Potsdam Hospital recently unveiled its new onsite Simulation Education Center and “SimMan” educational mannequin.

SimMan and the Simulation Education Center at the hospital are being used by clinical staff to replicate real-life emergency situations.

SimMan features computer-programmable respiration, heartbeat, pulse and a voice to communicate with trainees. He can be programmed to present a variety of patient complications and was designed to expand participants’ knowledge and experience in patient safety, crisis response, critical decision-making, teamwork and communication.

The new Simulation Education Center allows physicians, nurses and other staff to experience simulated cases with the goal of rapid and accurate assessment and treatment. Staff can learn in an open, safe environment in which immediate feedback is offered and patient safety is promoted.

The CPH Simulation Education Team is already looking into what add-on training features can be acquired. The team includes nurses Sue Quinell, Austie Claxton, Amy Boyer, Dennis Maid, and Nan Rutledge. The Simulation Education Center is in the Lamar building adjacent to the hospital’s main campus.

An open house and demonstration for staff were held recently, and finding a more personal name for the mannequin was suggested. Fans of CPH’s Facebook page can vote for one of 15 name choices submitted by CPH employees. The poll is posted in two parts, as Facebook limits polls to 10 options each. A winning name will be announced on Friday, Oct. 19. To participate in the voting, visit the CPH Facebook page at