Canton-Potsdam Hospital receives $6,000 from Children’s Miracle Network for equipment for kids’ treatment
Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 8:01 am

POTSDAM -- The Canton-Potsdam Hospital Foundation recently received a $6,373 grant from the Children’s Miracle Network, the seventh grant awarded to the hospital from the network in the past 10 years.

The grant purchased a pediatric “SuperStander” for the hospital’s outpatient physical therapy department and a biliblanket phototherapy system used on infants with jaundice.

Jaundice, a common ailment in newborns, can lead to brain damage if left untreated. While the hospital already had a phototherapy system in the obstetrics unit, the medical/surgical unit did not have its own biliblanket system for treating with jaundice.

Transporting equipment from one department to another is inefficient and can potentially compromise infection prevention efforts, so each unit having separate machines is preferable, according to clinical leaders.

Canton-Potsdam Hospital treats about 30 pediatric physical rehabilitation patients per year who can benefit from the stander unit, including those with genetic disorders, cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury. Many of these children have severe disabilities and are undergoing intensive ongoing therapeutic interventions.

Use of the SuperStand has been documented to improve bowel and bladder function, enhance respiratory function, increase endurance, reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, prevent contraction of lower extremities, improve circulation and maintain bone density.

“Over the years Children’s Miracle Network has purchased equipment for our hospital totaling more than $40,000,” said Foundation Executive Director Laura Cordts. “We are so pleased to once again partner with Children’s Miracle Network to ensure quality care for our youngest patients.”

The foundation raises and manages funds for the benefit of the patients served by Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Donations may be mailed to the foundation at 50 Leroy St., Potsdam, or made online at