Canton police searching for second, possibly armed suspect in theft of ATM loaded with $35,000; public's help sought
Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 12:08 pm

CANTON – Having arrested one man, village police are searching for a second possibly armed suspect in last weekend’s theft of an ATM loaded with $35,000 from St. Lawrence University’s Brewer Bookstore.

Police say Joseph C. Lugo, 24, is wanted for third degree grand larceny and second degree criminal mischief.

He may be operating a motorcycle and could be armed, according to investigator Chris Flint. Police say they believe he will attempt to flee or resist if approached by law enforcement officers.

Anyone with information about Lugo’s whereabouts is asked to contact village police at 386-4561.

Wednesday, police charged Brandon Crandall, 21, with two felony counts of grand larceny and a single felony count of criminal mischief for his alleged participation in the theft, according to WWNY-tv.

The ATM was found in a field behind Crandall's Sykes Road home. Police said they also found $17,500 in cash. Police believe Lugo may have another $17,000.

The 265-pound ATM loaded with $20 bills was ripped from the floor at the bookstore and the wires and cables were cut or pulled from the machine.

Police say the theft occurred sometime after 9:41 p.m. Friday and before 2:45 p.m. Saturday when it was reported.

Employees say the machine was missing when the store opened, but it was assumed it had been removed for maintenance purposes.

Police describe the theft as brazen because the entryway to the bookstore is well lit, and there are numerous streetlights in the immediate vicinity.

The ATM weighs more than 265 pounds and police said it would have taken at least two people to remove.

Police said the machine was removed from the bookstore and carried to the parking lot on the South side of the building.

The machine is the property of the North Country Savings Bank.

Crandall was arraigned in Pierrepont town court and released to the supervision of probation.