Canton police chief warns public to ‘not fall victim’ to email scammers
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 2:31 pm

CANTON -- A Canton resident has received a scam email supposedly from someone he knew asking for money to be sent to the Philippines to get the sender out of a big hotel bill.

“It appears someone hacked into his or a friend’s address book and was impersonating one of his known associates and then proceeded to ask him for money,” said Police Chief Lori McDougal.

The sender asked if he could help him pay his bills from his trip to Manila, Philippines, as the hotel manager wouldn’t let him leave the area until he settles his bills.

“The person in this case is asking for $2,500 and promises to refund the money,” McDougal said.

The chief asked to “please caution the public to look twice at their email and not fall victim to someone they think is their friend asking for money,” which is a fairly common tactic among online and telephone scammers.