Canton mother and daughter hand-deliver special gift to Newtown, Conn. in wake of Sandy Hook shooting
Monday, December 24, 2012 - 11:42 am

CANTON -- A Canton mother and daughter recently returned from Newtown, Conn. where they hand-delivered a picture to the memorial site of recent school shooting.

In an email sent to Kimberley Trombley said she and her daughter Alicia decided to go to Newtown, Conn. to deliver a picture to one of the memorial sites for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Trombley said the pictured was special for her family. She bought it for her daughter when she was about two or three. Following the shooting, Alicia decided it belonged in Newtown, so pair left Friday to deliver it personally.

After dropping off police patches from Canton Police, SLU Safety & Security & St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dept. at the Newtown Police Dept., Trombley said they were invited to bring the picture to a vigil.

At the vigil the pair help set up for the event.

"What wonderful people," Trombley said.

She said they were invited to the home of a resident named Paula where they were treated to tea.

"We went back to the site and helped pass out stuff animals to children of all ages. There were hundreds if not thousands of them," Trombley said.

Elementary students from Minnesota sent Angel pins, which were made out of clothespins and were handed out to everyone in attendance.

"Volunteering in a community during such an unfortunate tragedy certainly was good for the soul. Hugging strangers, shedding tears, lighting candles, chatting with the police officers from Bridgeport, Conn.," Trombley said. "It was amazing to see so many police agencies for all over to help this community.

Trombley said they were not the only visitors showing support from outside of the area.

She said Hawaiian Leis were draped over the angels that lined the stage.

Twenty-six American flags were also donated from either Georgia or Alabama and were placed on a fence that lined the area.

Trombley said a traveling rescue shelter from Long Island brought puppies & kittens for people to hold, hug & pet.

"All in all a fine day spent with my daughter & strangers," Trombley said. "Saturday was filled with more emotions and tears shed. Not only has this community become a family after such a tragic event, but people across the country have poured their hearts out to them as well as our Canadian neighbors."