Canton Chamber of Commerce sponsoring photo contest to promote village, town
Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 4:21 pm

CANTON – The Canton Chamber of Commerce is holding a photo contest to build up their library for promotion of the Town and Village of Canton.

Photographs, color or black and white, taken in and about the Town and Village of Canton will be accepted.

The photos will officially become the property of the chamber and will be donated to the Canton Historian for preservation after they are placed on the Canton website. Photos will not be returned.

Photos may be of any of the four seasons and may include ones in categories such as people, history, events, action/recreation, landscapes, and education.

The photographer will receive recognition for any photo used by the chamber in the promotion of the area.

No more than six entries per person will be accepted. Photographs entered may not be any smaller than 4 x 6 or larger than 8 x 10. Do not enter matted photographs.

Entries must be submitted by January 15, 2013.

A subcommittee of the chamber will select 10 photos and then voting will be conducted on line through the chamber’s website. Each voter will be asked to vote for only three.

Winners will be announced at the annual chamber dinner in February.

Printed photos should be submitted in an envelope with the entry form attached to the envelope. Do not mark the back of the photo. If submitting electronically, send photos on a disk or by email to [email protected].

Low resolution or blurred photos will not be considered. The chamber suggests photos be printed at a store instead with a home printer.

Entries may be submitted by mail or in person to The Canton Chamber of Commerce, P. O. Box 369 Municipal Building, Canton, NY 13617

No one directly or indirectly affiliated with a photographic company is eligible to participate. Directors of the chamber serving at the time of the contest may not participate.

First ($300), second ($200) and third place ($100) winners will be chosen, along with honorable mention entries. The winners and Canton cash awards will be presented at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner in February.

The entry form can be found at the chamber’s web site at

Info: 386-8255