Canton Canoe Races draw more than 100 entries from NY, Canada, Mich., Penn., Mass.
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 2:50 pm

CANTON – Paddlers from Quebec and Michigan won the professional canoe race during Canton Canoe weekend May 5 and 6.

The annual race drew more than 100 competitors from across the U.S. and Canada. Races varied in length from 1 to 14 miles for both recreational and professional paddlers with canoes, kayaks or paddleboards.

The variety of pro and amateur races featured St. Lawrence Health System’s C-1 Pro World Championship 14-mile races for men and women on Saturday afternoon.

Steve LaJoie of Quebec won the men’s pro solo canoe race (C-1 Pro) with a time of 2:06:55.

Rebecca Davis of Michigan took the women’s solo pro crown leading the pack with a time of 2:24:33.

The C-1 Pro Veteran over-60 race for men was won by Tom Yarosh of Windsor, N.Y., 2:20:15.

The winners in the 12-mile amateur races were:

• C-1 over-50 race for women, Blanche Town, Canton, 2:43:57

• C-1 Stock over-50 race for men, Tom O’Connor, Baldwinsville, 2:35:45

• C-1 under-50, men, Oliver McMillen, Ontario, 2:15:33

• C-1 over-50, men, Dean Coulson, Ontario, 2:14:31

• C-1 over-60 men, Jeff DeFeo, Mass., 2:18:48

• C-1 over-70 men, Rich Rankinen, Penn., 2:15:52

• Unlimited Kayak women, Eileen Visser, Potsdam, 2:01:57

• Unlimited Kayak men, Roget Gocking, Saranac Lake, 2:11:25

• Touring Kayak men, Allen Kelly, Rensselaer Falls, 2:17:57

• Touring Kayak women, Mary Kelly, Rensselaer Falls, 2:29:04

The two-person canoe races (C-2) took place Sunday.

In the 14-mile races the winners were:

• Pro men, Andy Triebold, Mich., and Steve LaJoie, Que., 1:56:15

• Pro women, Gloria Wesley, Mass., and Mary Schlimmer, Cortland, 2:11:6

• Pro mixed, Pam Fitzgerald, Scotia, and Steven Miller, Groton, 2:14:49

In the 12-mile amateur races, the winners were:

• Men over 50, John Young, Portlandville, and Jeff Pederson, Gilbertsville, 2:00:01

• Men under 50, Jim Genkos, Auburn, and Joe Schlimmer, Ithaca, 1:56:07

• Mixed under 50, Francis Schlimmer, Rochester, Phoebe Reese, Oneonta, 2:05:55

• Mixed over 50, Bob and Linda Cooley, Scotia, 2:10:52

• Stock men over 50, Mike Skivington, Scottsville, and Glen Vanderwinckel, Webster, 2:30:53

• Stock mixed over 50, Blanche Town, Canton, and Allen Kelly, Rensselaer Falls, 2:10:58

• Adult and junior, Chad and Samantha Staubach, Altamont, 2:26:39.

The races draw competitors from the U.S. and Canada. There is a place in the lineup for all sorts, from casual paddlers to pros, with canoes, kayaks or paddleboards.