Candidate Doheny praises Supreme Court ruling on right to bear arms
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 - 3:01 pm

Matt Doheny of Watertown, Republican candidate for New York State's 23rd Congressional District, has praised Monday's Supreme Court ruling that the Constitutional right of individuals to bear arms extends to state and local levels.

"The court majority wisely ruled that fundamental Second Amendment rights do not depend on where an American citizen lives," Doheny said. "The ruling affirms that the Second Amendment protects against not only federal, but also any state and municipal attempts to limit that right."

Doheny noted that the action would likely prompt a volley of lawsuits around the nation as lower courts determine how the new ruling impacts local gun control laws.

"The Court took a huge step today in assuring our Second Amendment rights, but all of us who hold the Second Amendment dear should closely watch how lower courts across the country apply today's ruling."

Doheny says he has reaffirmed his pledge that as Congressman he would act and vote "on behalf of gun owners' rights."

Doheny calls himself a conservative Republican, and has received the endorsement of the Republican committees in each of the nine counties of the district that have endorsed a candidate. Earlier this month the New York State Independence Party also endorsed Doheny.

He is running to unseat Democrat Bill Owens, who was appointed to serve out the term of John McHugh when he was appointed Secretary of the Army.