Callers claiming to be from AARP scamming St. Lawrence County residents, sheriff says
Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 2:32 pm

St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells is warning county residents of a telephone scam from people identifying themselves as representatives of AARP, a senior citizens' group.

The callers, claiming to be from AARP, offer free senior alert systems and $3,000 per month in coupons, according to a press release from Wells's office.

The callers say the recipient's names were given to them by a health care provider.

The recipients of the calls are then asked to press 1 to get free alert devices, or to press 5 to notify the health care provider they’re not interested in the offer.

"Anyone who receives this call should hang up and not punch any options," Wells said.

AARP is aware of this scam by unauthorized people using AARP’s name, and they are trying to track down the origin of these calls, Wells said.

"The public is advised that AARP does not and is not making these calls," the release said.