C-PH encouraging men to become more aware of potential health risks
Saturday, July 3, 2010 - 7:34 am

POTSDAM – Canton-Potsdam Hospital is encouraging men of all ages to become more aware of potential health risks and schedule preventive screenings.

Whether playing sports, building a house, or baling hay, everyone knows injury is inevitable at some point regardless of how many precautions are taken and personal protective equipment (PPE) worn. A person’s health is not as easy to predict; however, there are multiple preventive steps than can help ensure the best possible outcome of an ailment or disease that is detected early.

Some common screenings and tests for men to consider include: prostate exams, body mass test, cholesterol level, blood pressure, sexually transmitted disease test, EKG, colonoscopy, eye exam, hearing test, skin cancer screening, dental exam, chest x-ray, psychological evaluation, bone density, and testosterone level. In addition, men should stay current with their immunizations.

Depending on family history, ethnic background, and existing health conditions, it may be in some men’s best interest to begin specific preventive screenings immediately, regardless of age. In honor of Father’s Day, men are encouraged to make an appointment with their primary care physicians and determine what types of screenings are most appropriate for them.

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