Bulldog Boo from Potsdam in contention in online photo competition
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 11:37 am

POTSDAM -- Colleen Baker’s four-year old English Bulldog Boo is neck-and-neck with other competitors in his first online dog photo competition and they are seeking local help to win the contest.

According to Baker, if Boo wins, he will receive a box of cookies and more importantly “bragging rights.”

Baker says she heard about the contest through an English Bulldog Rescue organization on Facebook that suggested all bulldog owners submit photos to the company Facebook page.

Boo is the “spokesdog” for LeBerge & Curtis and most days he can be found at their store in Canton where he is reportedly quite the “tractor sales-dog.”

“He is currently enrolled in a scent detection class with the St. Lawrence Valley Dog Club and recently took an agility class in the fall with them and did surprisingly well,” Baker said.

The contest ends tomorrow.

To vote for Boo, visit www.bulldogbiscuit.com/?contestants=fan-26.

The photo was taken by Ting-le Wang, staff photographer at Clarkson University.