Broken windows prompt Ogdensburg to consider restricting adults from using Clifford Montroy Youth Complex
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 11:52 am


OGDENSBURG – Several broken windows have prompted the city to consider restricting adult use of the Clifford Montroy Youth Complex.

A public hearing planned for Sept. 25 will seek comment on a proposed ordinance that would ban adults from playing sports in the Clifford Montroy Youth Complex.

The proposal would classify the facility as a “youth only complex,” which would restrict use to kids and teens age 16 and under.

Councilors discussed the measure and proposed modifications that would make it clear that adult sports, both pick-up and organized would not be permitted, but that adult organizations could still use property for fundraising events and other purposes.

The Clifford Montry Youth Complex includes the Russ McDonald Baseball Field and the Gary Skelly Softball Field.

It is used for the Ogdensburg Parks & Recreation Department summer youth sports camps, Ogdensburg Kiwanis Club softball, baseball and soccer programs and the Ogdensburg Pee Wee Football Association programs.

Ogdensburg councilors agreed that the fields are too small for adults and as a result softballs routinely hit neighboring houses and break windows.

According to the resolution there are fields at Monnett Park and Peg LaVigne Women’s Softball Field that can still be used by adults.